Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

acuvue 1 day moistDaily Disposable or “Dailies” have become more and more common in the last ten years thanks to increased availability and lower costs.

As of 2005, the percentage of patients wearing a Daily lenses was only around 5%, fast forward to 2015 and that number is closer to 20%, and world wide over 35% of contact lens wearing patients are wearing Dailies!

Why the trend?  Well a few reasons…

  1. First of all is Convenience.  These lenses are exactly what they sound like; Daily lenses are worn for a single day and then thrown away… no cleaning, no storing, no solutions, no hassle!
  2. Next is Comfort.  These lenses are without a doubt the epitome of simplicity but also in comfort.  All contact lens wearers know that feeling of putting in a fresh lens.  With Daily Disposable you get that feeling every day!
  3. Most important for eye care providers is the Safety of Daily Disposables.  We see contact lens complications and infections on a daily basis.  Since Daily Disposables are replaced with such frequency, there is no chance for bacterial or allergic build up on the lenses, which is common with 2 week or 1 month replacements.  This reduces the risk of many allergic, inflammatory, or infectious complications commonly seen with other types of contact lens wear.

New advancements in Daily wear technology can even correct for Astigmatism and some even come in a bifocal contact lens type.

If you have never tried Daily Disposable, ask your eye care provider about this option.

You WILL feel the difference of Daily Disposables!

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