Morel Lunettes


Meticulously designed and manufactured in Morbier, France: the Morel lines of Oga, Koali, and Lightec are the epitomy of fashion, craftsmanship, and quality.


Oga frame 1
Masculine:  For image-conscious and modern men looking for frames with a difference inspired by creativity.

Functional Design:  A design characterized by simplicity focused on functionality: a minimalist philosophy where nothing is left to chance.  Oga frames are designed in this spirit, without decoration, where comfort and quality come first.Oga

Scandinavian Architecture:  With its combinations of materials and unusual constructions, the Oga brand works with volumes to produce a functional design focused on quality and simplicity.


koali 2Fluidity:  Nature is a marvelous source of inspiration for the creation of fluid lines.

The Living World:  This collection evokes the world’s fauna and flora: a source of inspiration which is expressed through temple decoration, endtip treatment, interplay between materials and colors and endpiece design.

Fkoali 1emininity:  A ladies optical and sunglasses collection inspired by the wonders of nature, replicating its fluid shapes and unexpected color combinations.


 LIGHTEC provides an immediate sensation of comfort for the wearer: the lightness of materials such as stainless steel, polyurethane, injections, and carbon fiber, the flexibility of the hinges and the overall design of each model produce an unrivaled wearing experience.

Technology:  LIGHTEC frames are made and designed without screws.  Fitted instead with an exclusive screwless and springless hinge, their pure design is all about extreme comfort yet outstanding robustness!  Since mechanical failure most often occurs at the hinge, LIGHTEC frames are meant to last!  See it in action below.

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