Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact LensesContact Lenses are often seen as a luxury.  However, for many individuals Specialty Contact Lenses are the only way to achieve functional vision and lead a successful, fulfilling life.



The Cornea is the clear surface on the front of the eye.

This smooth and regular surface focuses light back through the eye to the retina.  There the light is detected and that signal is send back to the brain to understand what the eye is seeing.

This entire system is predicated on the cornea being able to accomplish this task…


Unfortunately, there are many conditions such as Keratoconus (above), Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, after trauma or infection, or after a corneal surgery (transplant, LASIK, PRK, or RK) where the cornea becomes irregular and warped.

When this occurs, glasses and traditional soft contact lenses cannot provide adequate vision.  You cannot pass the driver’s license test, watch television or see a movie, or watch your child play sports or perform in a play.

However, these conditions need not keep you from enjoying your life!

Specialty Contact Lenses overcome the problems faced by patients with irregular corneas.  And there are options, with many types of Specialty Contact Lenses for different conditions and disease severity.

At Precision Family Eye Care, we are always on the cutting edge and bring the best technology to our patients.

We look forward to improving your vision and quality of life with Specialty Contact Lenses.

Specialty Contact Lens Options

scleral contact lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses


Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hard Lens

Small Diameter Hard Contact Lenses