Hybrid Contact Lens


The Best of Both Worlds

For many years there where two types of contact lenses: Hard and Soft.

But with recent advancements in technology there is now a third: the Hybrid Contact Lens.

Hybrid Contact LensHard (or gas permeable lenses) offer the best vision possible.  However their rigid design makes them more uncomfortable and difficult to adapt to.

On the other hand, soft lenses offer incredible comfort.  But with vision that is not as crisp.  This is especially true of soft lenses when confronted with moderate to high astigmatism or an irregular cornea from keratoconus or other ectasia.

A Hybrid contact lens offers the best parts of both lenses without the drawbacks.

In the center of a hybrid contact lens is a rigid oxygen permeable hard lens and attached to that is a skirt made of soft contact lens material (see photo above).

This combination allows excellent vision from the hard lens while the soft skirt centers the lens on the eye and makes it more comfortable to wear.  The two parts are permanently bonded allowing a seamless transition and an extended lens life.  Below is cross sectional image showing the lens sitting on the eye.

Ultrahealth OCTHybrid contact lenses are manufactured by an American company called SynergEyes® and a hybrid contact lens is typically replaced biannually or every 6 months.

SynergEyes® lenses are prescribed by a contact lens specialist.  While considered specialty contacts, a hybrid contact lens is beneficial for anyone who wants better vision than soft contact lenses but struggled with the comfort of a hard contact lens.  They are particularly useful for patients with higher astigmatism and patients with a compromised cornea from disease (like keratoconus).

More information about SynergEyes® suite of Hybrid Contact Lenses