Punctal Plugs for Dry Eye Treatment

Punctal Plugs

If you currently just “put up” with the symptoms of dry eye, you are not alone and do not need to suffer.

Dry eye affects over 25 million Americans and is the leading culprit for ocular comfort issues as well as patients giving up on contact lens wear. At Precision Family Eye Care, we take dry eyes very seriously and work to provide our patients the best technologies and options available to combat this often debilitating condition. One important weapon in our armamentarium is Punctal Plugs. As explained in our section on Dry Eye Syndrome, tears that are made eventually drain through two small ducts in each eye into the nose and throat. Inserting a small, removable silicon plug into these drainage ducts can greatly improve patient’s symptoms by allowing them to retain their own tears longer and helps with the success of other prescription medications and artificial tears.

These punctal plugs are put in place with the use of a microscope in a completely painless procedure that takes only seconds.  See for yourself below.

At Precision Family Eye Care, we are proud to offer Parasol® Punctal Plugs to our patients. These plugs are removable, easily tolerated, and have a retention rate of 92%!

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